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Jonathan Crowson, TBAR 2006 State Champ, getting fitted by Eddie Sloan.

Welcome to Bike Domestique!

So what is a "domestique?" Originally coined in the early 1900s, domestique (a French word meaning "servant" or "helper") is a term used in the professional cycling world to describe those whose job it is to assist their leader in winning.

Domestiques work behind the scenes, often unnoticed, creating drafts that allow the lead rider to rest at critical times, blocking other racers who try to cut in on the leader, and ultimately making it possible for great racers to finish first. Domestiques are an essential part of a winning race team.

Like the domestiques in a race, I work behind the scenes to help cyclist ride at their very best. By ensuring proper bike fit and comfort zone, I work to enhance endurance over long rides, maximize power when needed, and protect riders from unnecessary injuries.

Whether you are a recreational rider who just enjoys being outside on the bike, a serious rider getting ready for that next big century, or a racer training for that time trial or triathalon, I want to help you get the most out of your bike.

Eddie Sloan

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