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Trent Long

Trent Long, Tennessee Road Racing Champion, being fitted.

Why Getting a Proper Bike Fit Matters

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Enjoy the Ride

As your fitness level and mileage increases, getting a proper bike fit becomes increasingly important. It's one thing to ride a few miles every now and then... But once your mileage and fitness increases, having a proper bike fit can make a major difference in your performance and comfort level, allowing you to stay in the saddle.

Prevent Injuries

A good bike fit can help prevent unnecessary injuries before they happen. Consider the fact that your feet and legs can easily make many thousands of revolutions each hour. That intensity of activity, combined with an improper bike fit, is a formula for problems. The good news is, these injuries can often be prevented with a good bike fit. If you are working with a coach or physical therapist, I will work with them to insure we are getting the best results.

Increase Power and Speed

If you're thinking seriously about racing, then you should take the time to get a proper bike fit. Even very minor adjustments can make a big difference in a race or time trial. When riders are finishing only seconds apart, increasing your speed by seconds can make the difference in final placement. Every bit of extra power you can get to the rear wheel can make a huge difference, so get that bike fit and maximize your power and speed.

What a Bike Fit Includes

Depending on the level of bike fit you seek, I'll work with you to look at everything from proper saddle height, frame size, stem length and handlebar position, shifter / brake placement, cleat positioning, shoe fit, and much more. I like to say my bike fits are interactive, it is like a partnership between fitter and rider. I will go over each area of changes and explain what and why. As a bike fit specialist, I will work to ensure that your bike is adjusted to meet your riding style and flexibility.

Schedule Your Bike Fit Today

Call Cycology Bicycles at 865-681-4183 to schedule your bike fit.

Please allow 4 hours for your fitting. Bring everything you ride in with you. Just as if you are going on a ride, bike, shoes, sox, shorts, jersey, gloves, helmet, eye ware, water bottle with drink and a snack.

What size bike do I need?

Measure your inseam (not the same as your jeans) by standing against a wall and pushing a book up into your crotch as though it were a bike saddle. Convert that measurement to cm and multiply it by 0.65 and 0.68. This should give you a range within which you should be able to find the right bike size, assuming you are of average proportion.

If you have a long torso in relation to your inseam, you may want to look at the frame with the longer top tube. If you have long legs in relation to your torso, you may want to go for the frame with the shorter top tube. Of course, for the best fit before you buy, schedule a bike fit.

Once you have your bike, it's time to fine tune that fit by properly adjusting the saddle, bars, and more. Time for a bike fit!

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