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A Testimonial from G. Turner Howard III

photoAre you riding more and enjoying it less? Or are you simply wanting to try out cycling as a healthy exercise option? Whatever your reasons for riding a bike, you may want to consult Eddie Sloan for maximizing your results.

Proper bike fit is one of the most important considerations for both the recreational and competitive cyclist. Proper bike fit promotes comfort and added power for the cyclist which are important factors in avoiding imbalance and overuse injuries.

As a highly competitive cyclist, I have benefited immensely from Eddie Sloan's expertise in properly adjusting my bike to my particular dimensions, which has increased comfort and power in training and racing. Eddie has also tweaked my bike shoe clip placement for additional power and comfort. All of this has worked to my advantage in races.

Last summer, for instance, after having consulted Eddy for bike and shoe fits, I won both the Tennessee and National Masters 60+ Best All-Round Rider trophies after winning the road races and time trials in both venues before placing 6th out of 65 competitors in the time trial at the World Championships in Austria.

Bottom Line: Whether you are a competitive or recreational cyclist, I highly recommend Eddie Sloan as one who can help you get a lot more out of your bike.

G. Turner Howard III
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